Louis Mayberg is a co-founder of ProShares and ProFunds, the advisors?to the ProShares Exchange Traded Funds and ProFunds mutual funds?where he served as president for 15 years until March, 2012. Mr. Mayberg?has more than 30?years of experience in the financial services and?investment banking industries. He has started numerous companies most?recently W2Fuel which has purchased financially distressed bio chemical?refineries and put them back into productive use.

In 1986, he co-founded National Capital Companies LLC., a Bethesda based?investment bank specializing in mergers, acquisitions and equity?underwritings in the financial services industry. He also managed National?Capital’s financial services hedge fund.

Louis serves on a variety of international, national and local boards of?charitable and communal organizations.

He received a BBA in Finance, George Washington University in 1983.

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