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Return On Leadership® is an AI-driven B2B SaaS application bringing digital transformation to leadership execution so that all other transformation can succeed. Based on new metrics built around the 80/20 rule, it helps leaders to consistently clarify, align and execute with focus on their critical priorities in a real time, agile environment.

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We can’t succeed in a radically different world by working in the same old ways

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All exec team & business unit leaders aligned on clearly articulated current priorities
All current individual priorities are clearly connected to current business unit priorities.
Every leader & manager is working with 3 clear individual priorities front and center every day.
Every leader & manager has committed capacity to their top individual priorities.
Every leader has aligned with their advisor on their top priorities.
Every leader/manager can see every other leaders’ current priorities

What's in it for me?

ROL™ drives value for every leader & manager across the enterprise

  • The 1st intelligent platform built to drive and measure return from your organizations most critical resource – its leaders and managers
  • Don’t fly blind in these times of unprecedented turbulence and uncertainty
  • Catalyze your enterprise to deliver successfully on the highest value strategic priorities
  • How do you connect your far-flung tribes? To one another, but more importantly to the critical strategic priorities that you rely on these scattered team members to deliver
  • Have strategic priorities guiding daily work
  • Have a clear real time picture of where capacity will be allocated
  • Redirect execution capacity immediately at scale
  • Invest your leadership capital as strategically as your financial capital
  • Optimize the deployment of your most critical resource to your most essential priorities
  • Recover and redirect massive resources
  • Not just disruption but distraction is knocking on the front door of every organization
  • Engagement and sustainability for the workforce has been a critical issue for all organizations even in the best of times. In our new environment, these challenges will become critical
  • Indiggo doesn’t just drive engagement by connecting every leader and manager to the bigger picture every day, but also decreases stress, overwhelm and burnout by actively guiding users on working smarter
  • Break down silos through transparency and information
  • The Indiggo platform is not another initiative, but the way to get what you already have on your plate done well!
  • As the center of digital transformation and remote work technologies, it is critical for you to have a way to channel your vital management and leadership resources to maximize chances of success
  • Align with and have ongoing transparency into other business units
  • Position yourself for success by achieving what matter most
  • Decrease stress, overwhelm & avoid burnout
  • Strengthen trust & connection through ongoing clarity & alignment


Drive execution of your critical strategic priorities by your most valuable resource – your leaders and managers

Invest your leadership and management capital as strategically as you do your financial capital

Align & integrate strategy and execution to core purpose at every level

Did you know?

  • 67% of well-formulated strategies fail in execution
  • Only 28% of managers can articulate 3 of their companies’ strategic priorities

VPs & Directors

Catalyze new levels of accountability, transparency, and trust

Drive agile collective execution on what matters most – redirecting global capacity with one click

Address wellbeing through a concrete framework for focused execution

Did you know?

  • 2/3 of managers feel they don’t have enough time to get their work done
  • Leaders & managers waste 41% of their time on low-value activities
  • 67% of professionals report feeling burned out sometimes (44%) or very often (23%)

Managers & Team Leads

Indiggo helps individual leaders and managers succeed and at the same time decrease stress, overwhelm and burnout

Our personalized nudges help you and your team stay hyper-focused on the 20% of areas that you choose to drive 80% of the value

Because ROL™ automatically drives alignment on the key 20%, it also provides the framework to say "No" to what matters less

Did you know?

  • 1 out of 2 people operates without ongoing clarity on their top priorities  
  • 4 out of 10 people sometimes align with their boss or reports on their current priorities
  • 4 of 5 factors leading to burnout are directly related to lack of alignment and support on work priorities
Illustration showing ROL execution propelling organization's priorities

Indiggo picks up where all your current systems leave off

This is the time for quick decisions that diminish the risk of failure on what’s most important to you now.